Christmas Present Amnesty

Published on January 09, 2024

We would love to take your extra food and unwanted gifts off your hands this January! Start Up Stirling has its 30th anniversary this year, and we need your help. By gathering all of your new unwanted gifts, we can use them for our fundraising, increasing our fundraising capacity, and recycling them to do something really good, to help people living in hardship in our communities.

We can also take any Christmas food too, as long as it is unopened and in date, for use for our Community Hubs and in our crisis food parcels.

You can either drop off your items at our Warehouse, or in our Supermarket Donation Stations. Or why not start your own community collection and gather gifts from your friends, neighbours, colleagues or family first?

An Ode to Unloved Christmas Gifts

Goodies galore are still in your store,

The TV ads said you should ‘try it’,

But now that we’re in January-

Are those goodies playing havoc with your diet?

Your cupboards can’t close,

Because of the dose,

Of mince pies, biscuits and cakes,

That you bought ‘just in case’?

Does your house pong,

With aftershave strong,

Or does it smell sweet,

With dozens of bath bombs?

What can you do? Never fear,

Start Up Stirling, in its 30th year,

Will take all your goodies,

To be used without fuss.

Sweet treats, crisps and nuts,

Will be used by us,

Packed into Crisis Food parcels,

As our volunteers care.

And your unwanted, unused gifts aplenty,

Can be used for many,

Interesting raffle prizes,

Lovingly won, while folks are having some fun.

So come on Stirling,

Let’s keep it up,

Donate your unused food and gifts,

To us at Start Up!