30 items for 30 years

Support for Start Up Stirling’s Home Starter packs 

Start Up Stirling’s support for people living in hardship began with our Home Starter pack service 30 years ago, for individuals and families who received the keys to their new tenancy, but had nothing to put into it. Their Home Starter pack provided the basics, such as pans, mugs, cutlery, kitchen utensils and crockery to help to make their house a home, as well as preserving precious funds for other bills, so that the new tenancy was less likely to fail. 

Fast forward by 30 years, and our Home Starter packs are still part of our staple services to help people make a fresh start in their new home The basic pack has barely changed, but in addition where funds allow, we can also provide quilts, duvets and bedding, as well as small electrical items like toasters, kettles and oil filled radiators. The service is as relevant and essential as ever, as in 2023 Start Up Stirling helped to give 600 people a new beginning with their own home starter pack. Can you help us to continue to provide this service, by supporting our “30 items for 30 years” Campaign? 

Each of the 30 items on the list are integral to our Home Starter packs. If you can contribute any one of these items, it will make a big difference. We have an Amazon wishlist to give you some ideas. Donations of supermarket vouchers are also very useful, so we can bulk purchase when items are on special offer, helping our funds to go further. 

Please note: we cannot accept second hand duvets, covers or pillows, or electrical goods, due to hygiene and safety reasons. 

If you are in business and are able to offer us a discount on bulk purchases on any of the items on the list, we would be happy to discuss this with you. 

30 items for 30 years 

Home Starter pack wishlist 

  1. Dinner plate

  2. Side plate

  3. Soup bowls 

  4. Mugs

  5. Cutlery set

  6. Paring knife

  7. Measuring jug 

  8. Tin opener

  9. Kitchen utensils 

  10. Frying pan

  11. Pots

  12. Oven tray

  13. Tea towel

  14. Hand towel 

  15. Bath towel

  16. Scouring pads

  17. Cleaning cloths

  18. Duster

  19. Dust pan and brush

  20. Kitchen roll

  21. Toilet roll

  22. Washing up liquid

  23. Multi purpose cleaner

  24. Single duvet

  25. Double duvet

  26. Pillows

  27. Duvet cover sets

  28. Kettle

  29. Toaster

  30. Small oil filled radiator

We would also appreciate donations of gift cards from the following retailers please:

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, B&M’s, Harry Corey, Marks and Spencer and Amazon. 

Please contact the office on 01786 561027, if you would like to help, or you require any further information.

If you’re unsure about how much to donate, here’s a list of common items and services we need to fund. Select what you’d like to contribute.