Volunteer Focus - Margaret Hughes – Foodbank Volunteer

Published on August 12, 2021

This is part of a short series of posts to highlight our volunteers and how their roles have changed.

It was heartbreaking when COVID 19 struck and all volunteers over a certain age had to isolate... BUT we are back!

We now have 2 foodbanks up and running again and as a volunteer I am so glad to be back doing my bit.

Back working with a great bunch of like minded people.

Back to actually meeting and talking to clients, who are arranged with time slots so only two are in the venue at one time.

Back but with masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing

Back feeling more fulfilled.

Still not able to sit and chat with clients over a cuppa but hope to soon

Some things have changed though.

We are becoming more environmentally friendly. We no longer pre bag the fruit and veg in single use poly bags. Instead we send crates of fruit and veg to the foodbank venue and let clients choose which items they want into a paper bag.

We also now give each client a crate with less dry/tin goods which they can then supplement and choose from other crates with various dry/ tinned items, as well as bread, eggs, frozen or chilled meats, and cold desserts.

Both of which we hope will give clients more choice and cut down on unwanted waste.

The current community appeal is being run to help families with school clothing and equipment, which is so essential and often to topic of recent conversations while we help with the food selection.

I so look forward to my days as a volunteer. I love it!