Start Up Stirling – Foodbank Press release, 24th March 2020

Published on March 24, 2020

  1. We are now delivering food to all foodbank clients, so that no-one needs to gather together unnecessarily. At present, we continue to work on a referral only basis, our clients all being sent on from other agencies.
  2. We anticipate that the economic effect of the pandemic will impact rapidly on many people, with many falling into food poverty and needing referral to the food bank. We are already receiving such new referrals.
  3. We are working with Stirling Council and other agencies to maintain support and food supplies to those in need in the area despite the difficulties of the present emergency.
  4. In line with government recommendations and advice we have put into effect additional health and safety procedures to protect our staff, volunteers and clients.
  5. We have suspended volunteering activity by the elderly and those who are medically vulnerable. Some of our remaining volunteers are having to self-isolate, so our active volunteer pool has shrunk. However, the present emergency is already prompting further people to volunteer their time. Those who might be able to help can contact
  6. It is quite clear from the UK Government advice note that volunteers for Start Up Stirling will be considered “key workers” and not prohibited from their work as volunteers. Charities are on the list of “Key public services” and we are at present very much in the business of “food … distribution … and delivery”.
  7. For most items the warehouse is sufficiently stocked and doesn’t cause us any immediate concerns. Thanks to the generosity of local people, donations have continued. However, if referral numbers rise, and we face an increased demand, we will be sending more and more out from the warehouse.
  8. Please keep donating food. As we are trying to limit contact at the warehouse, we would encourage people to leave their donations at supermarket donation stations rather than bringing them in personally. Government advice is that we should all reduce our frequency of shopping. Please consider putting more than usual in the donation station if it is less often than usual.
  9. Please keep donating money. We need to maintain our premises, with enhanced safety and hygiene measures put in place and there will be increased mileage on our vehicles as we are delivering food to all clients and have additional pick-ups from supermarkets. We buy some fresh food to supplement the longer life products, such as tins and packets, which have been donated. Donations can be made online through our website ( or Facebook page and can be increased at no cost if you are a taxpayer able to use Gift Aid.