Volunteer Week Support Service

Published on June 08, 2018

It’s our final National Volunteering Week post (awww) but last and certainly no means least is Sandy, one of our volunteers who helps at our weekly support group sessions in Callendar. This is a new group to run as well as our weekly Stirling group so we asked how he felt about volunteering for Start Up Stirling.

1.Tell us who you are, where your from, and how long you have volunteered with us

My name is Sandy, I'm from Deanstone and I have been volunteering with Start Up for 6 months

2. What is your favourite part about volunteering with Start Up Stirling?

My favourite thing is helping people who need food and support

3.Why did you decide to volunteer with Start Up Stirling?

I wanted to help people who needed support and thought this would be an ideal opportunity

4.Would you recommend volunteering and if so, why?- Definitely! It helps people get a better quality of life

5.If you could describe volunteering in 3 words at Start Up Stirling, what would they be?

Fantastic charity, fantastic service and unfortunately needed in modern society

6.Is there an interesting fact you have learned since you started volunteering at Start Up that you did not know before? What is it?

The number of people who use the service and the wide raging people who use the service