Volunteer Week Foodbank Volunteers

Published on June 07, 2018

1.Tell us who you are, where your from, and how long you have volunteered with us?

My name is James, I'm from England and I have been volunteering with Start Up for 5 years

2. What is your favourite part about volunteering with Start Up Stirling?

My favourite thing is meeting the clients and watching their progression through the service

3.Why did you decide to volunteer with Start Up Stirling?

I saw the amount of waste food on TV and decided I wanted to volunteer at a foodbank

4.Would you recommend volunteering and if so, why?

Of course! You get to meet a variety of people including new volunteers and clients so every day is different

5.If you could describe volunteering in 3 words at Start Up Stirling, what would they be?

Fulfilling, community spirit

6.Is there an interesting fact you have learned since you started volunteering at Start Up that you did not know before? What is it?

The use by date on eggs is essential!