Volunteer Week Board Members

Published on June 05, 2018

Next up we are celebrating our superhero members of the board who are all volunteers. We interviewed Hazel and she has been loving it here at Start Up Stirling for 3 years!!

1.Tell us who you are, where your from, and how long you have volunteered with us?-

My name is Hazel, I’m from Dunblane and I have been volunteering here for 3 years

2. What is your favourite part about volunteering with Start Up Stirling?

My highlight so far was the first fundraiser I did which was a firewalk. It was amazing.

3.Why did you decide to volunteer with Start Up Stirling?

A neighbour told me that I would be a good fit and I always wanted to volunteer. After taking flexible retirement, I had one free day a week where I could help with doing the rural deliveries and I have been a volunteer here ever since.

4.Would you recommend volunteering and if so, why?

Yes absolutely! It is great to see the difference you are making to people’s lives, you get to meet other people and its fun to leave a career and do something different.

5.If you could describe volunteering in 3 words at Start Up Stirling, what would they be?

Fun, challenging and worthwhile

6.Is there an interesting fact you have learned since you started volunteering at Start Up that you did not know before? What is it?

The number of soup cans we go through in a week. It was such a shock!