Footsteps For Your Foodbank

Footsteps For Your Foodbank - 10,000 steps everyday throughout February

Support Start Up Stirling, as well as getting fit in February by taking the 10,000 steps challenge. An average person walks 5,000 steps every day, but walking for just an extra 30 minute walk can boost that figure to 10,000 steps. There are lots of different activities that you can do to achieve this that will help to keep you motivated. You don’t need a watch or pedometer that measures your step count, although there are plenty of phone apps that can help you measure this for free.

Our Communities and Fundraising Manager Julie, is undertaking the challenge in memory of her Mum Sandra, who would have been 75 years old on the 9th February this year. For much of the last 15 years of her life, Sandra wasn’t well enough to walk far, so this challenge is a good reminder that if you can, you should! If you don’t want to commit to walking yourself, but you would like to sponsor her, please visit her JustGiving page to donate. Thank you!

To help you keep track of your step count, there is a calendar to keep you motivated and throughout the month we will be posting some different ideas on Facebook and Twitter So put your best foot forward in February, tag us on Social Media and tell us what activities you are doing to take your 10,000 steps each day! #FootstepsForYour Foodbank

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Take the stairs - An average flight of stairs has 12 steps, so it’s an easy way to increase your step count.

Park further away from your destination - if you have to take the car, parking further away could add hundreds of extra steps to your step count

Make your household chores more interesting, by counting your steps. An hour of housework produces an average of 4,800 steps (maybe more, if you dance while you are vacuuming!).

At the end of February, each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation that you can display, to show your friends, family or colleagues how well you have done and how much you have raised to help people living in hardship throughout the Stirling Council area.